Home School Program

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The Home School Program

We are unbelievably excited about our Home School Program. We have carefully crafted an educational program that is specifically designed for the non-traditional student. All of our programs meet or exceed the Georgia Standards in Music.

We have three programs for our homeschoolers: Group Piano Class, Group Percussion Class, and General Music Instruction. Each of these classes will be held Monday – Friday between 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. We must have a minimum of 5 student and no more than 10 student in each class before beginning.

  • Group Piano Class: In this class students will learn to play the piano, starting with no knowledge up to the advanced student. Each student will be given an electronic piano to use during the class time. We also utilize games and activities to reinforce the lesson. The piano class is one of our more popular courses for homeschoolers.
  • Group Percussion Class:  In this class students will learn to play all the percussion instruments including the same drum, xylophone, drum set, triangle, cymbals, and a host of other instruments. This class is an exciting class where we have lots of fun.
  • General Music Instruction: In this class students will learn general music, which includes reading music, playing multiple instruments including the recorder, drums and piano, as well as learning music history.

All of these classes are exciting and will have your students learning and playing music.

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