Want to master gospel
piano using modern and traditional techniques and voicings?


Aspiring or current gospel pianists, this is your opportunity to have a clear, step-by-step program and personalized guidance that will help you master gospel piano quickly and efficiently.

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You make concepts I’ve never understood so simple somehow. Thank you so much!


You explained with perfect clarity the vague concepts that befuddled me as a budding musician! Without making it too convoluted at that! Thank you so much!

Leo Israel

You’re the best man! Gosh, your lessons are pure inspiration and food for studying and for our soul! cheers!

Learn Gospel Techniques from a Gospel Pianist


If you’ve spent countless hours online trying to absorb every bit of information about gospel techniques, passing chords, harmonic ideas, different voicing systems, theory concepts, and more, but still don’t quite know how to really use it...

If you’ve ever felt completely frustrated at not knowing what to do next to advance your skills…

You’re definitely not alone.

As someone who loves watching YouTube videos to learn new concepts and ideas, I can tell you first-hand that it’s so easy to experience “information overload” and get lost in the sea of information out there without actually learning how to absorb the information, what to do with it, or even how to apply the information to your playing.  And even for those that happen to learn the material, you end up with massive gaps in your knowledge.

From the moment I started teaching, my goal has always been two parts: 
  • To break down musical concepts into their most simiplistic form and explain how these concepts can be used to create advanced masterpieces. 
  •  To provide EVERY resource possible to help musicians improve.


The same is true when you work with me in a more in-depth manner.


There’s so much information out there, and most of us have so little time, which is why my goal is to provide you with the guidance and mentorship you need to always know exactly what to work on day-to-day to master gospel piano as quickly as possible.


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Dr. G

You are a remarkably simple, yet an outstandingly profound teacher.  Thanks so much!


In the short time I have been with Corey, he has given me so much.  My practice sessions are so much more productive, effective, and efficient.  And I no longer have these loose shed sessions where I’m hoping that I’lI remember what I practiced later.   I am having light bulb moments every single class session and I feel like a veil has just been lifted off of my eyes. 

Sean C.

I like that conceptually I understand where to go now.  This has been such an inspiration.

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Take a Listen To Make Sure We're a Good Fit

If you’re anything like me, music may speak louder than words. Feel free to take a listen! I’ve found it always helps to hear a potential mentor play (and teach). 

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