Course Description

This course examines chordal moves and progressions.  It begins with an examination of simple moves and progressions and then quickly moves to more and more complex and exotic progressions.

Content-Based Framework

Over the past 3 years, we’ve been developing an innovative teaching methodology that would allow us to introduce multiple concepts, in a manner that is structured, logical, and reproducible.  The CBF (Concept-Based Framework) allows us to do exactly that!  We’ve literally tested this method on students ages 5 to 85, and it works! 

We start with an initial framework, that we spend a period of time developing with our students.  Then, once the foundational framework is solidified, we begin introducing new concepts in a logical, structured manner.  And the exciting part of this method is that once learned, the students are able to reproduce it in their own practice times away from the class.

  • Resources

    We’ve created a ton of resources to help you improve including sheet music, midi files, our brand new riff library, our Dynamic Learning Software, and so much more!

  • Learning Management System

    You are not left alone once you leave the classroom. We’ve developed a series of questions, assessments, and short tests for you to practice and hone your newly honed skills.

  • Recordings

    Often-times “life” happens, causing you to miss a class. Well don’t worry! All of our classes and weekly chat session are recorded and made available to you as soon as possible. This enables you to go back and watch the recording of the class at your convenience!

  • Feedback

    As teachers, we love giving direct feedback to our students. We will periodically have assignments where we want you to upload recordings of yourself and we will give you specific feedback.