We are Passionate About Helping Musicians Improve

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I'm Corey Taylor

I am the founder of SkilledMusician.com. 
I created this company because I hated seeing musicians not maximizing their potential. 
So, I wanted to give musicians, of every skill level,
every resource possible to help them improve.

Listen as Corey talks about his background and SkilledMusician.com.

Do You Want To Improve?

Are you tired of being stuck in the same place?  Are you just starting to play but don’t know where to start?  Do you want to know how the pros do it?  We answer ALL of those questions and MORE with our premium courses, custom resources, and vast membership section.

WHY is greater than What

The big secret to meaningful, lasting, and accelerated improvement is understanding “THE WHY”.  We want to share with you the “why” of music, not just the “what”.  We want you to know why something was played.  And the great thing is, once you know that, you can create your own ideas, versus just repeating what you learned.

So many musicians don’t like showing you what they play, because they feel that if they show you their secrets, you’ll be better.  We not only show you EXACTLY what the pros play, but we also explain WHY.  And this enables you to take the concept, create your own ideas using the concept, and put it in completely unexpected places.

Something More

We don’t just help musicians improve their playing, we help musicians in EVERY part of their musicianship:

  • How to get and keep your job as a musician.  Check out our podcast where we give practical insights here.
  • The ultimate practice tips, suggestions, eBooks, and workbook.
  • What do I do about taxes, insurance, and more?
  • Professionalism
  • Preventing injury as a musician.

Our Instructors

Corey Taylor

Owner & Founder
Online Education

Devonte Taylor

After-School Program
Private Lesson Studio